Level B

In the context of SE-ZERT® Level B the following knowledge will be communicated:

  • Application-safe knowledge about Systems Engineering and Systems Engineering Management
  • knowing, understand and safely apply symbol or domain specific language apply domain specific methods and procedures to gain knowledge
  • Ability to lead a moderately complex project or a subproject of a complex project with all its parameters and to take the corresponding technical responsibility.
  • Ability to accountably lead a small multidisciplinary team

The overall goal of the training for SE-ZERT® level B is to teach trainees to apply methods and procedures of systems engineering in-depth in the context of moderately complex systems tasks, elaborate relationships and apply knowledge to design solutions.

The primary goal for modules one to nine is „apply“, though the goal for the functional areas Requirements Management, Verification, Validation and Systems Engineering Management and in Implementation Processes is „master“.

Application Requirements:

Technical Qualification Professional Experience
foreman or technician according to German standard 9 years of which minimum 3 year allocated to the functional areas (minimum 3 areas)
Bachelor Degree 6 years of which minimum 3 year allocated to the functional areas (minimum 3 areas)
Master Degree, Dipl. Ing FH, Dipl. Ing. 5 years of which minimum 3 year allocated to the functional areas (minimum 3 areas)

Anyone who has a certificate SE-ZERT® level C, and the above experience and qualification, and has attended a Curriculum Level B training by an approved training provider with a confirmation of 80% attendance will be admitted to the exam.

As an alternative to the level C certificate, it is also possible to obtain admission to the training and level B exam by means of an exam at base level C in a one-time trial for lateral-entry into SE-ZERT®. This written exam takes 60 minutes with 20 questions (15 multiple choice and 5 essay questions / free text response). The test is agreed with the SE-TREC GmbH by the training provider and is similar to the standard tests. It is highly recommended to book a few days to prepare with the selected training provider, especially preparing for the essay questions (free text response).

The exam is structured according to the topics of the nine modules. The weighting and type of questions is according to the following rules:

  • Multiple choice and open questions are only used as knowledge question.
  • The total number of questions is 50 (38 multiple choice and 12 essay questions).
  • Each correctly answered multiple choice question gains one point.
  • A completely correct answered essay question gains 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 points depending on its difficultness.

The exam duration is 120 minutes and is passed with 67 % of the possible points. In case of failing the exam, the applicant can request a repetition of the exam at next opportunity, earlies one month after receiving the exam result. After failing the third time, the training has to be repeated before getting admittance to a next exam.

The Code of ethics document and the trademark usage codex document are part of the application forms. The must be confirmed and accepted by signature. As the title “Certified Systems Engineer (GfSE)” and the seal are registered trademarks with an individual ID.

The certificate remains valid for a period of 3 years. A re-certification is required to extend the certificate.