INCOSE provides in its SEP program the credentials ASEP. CSEP and ESEP. Please find the related information here:


The exam for ASEP and CSEP is based upon the current version of the INCOSE systems engineering handbook. Individuals interested in taking the knowledge exam must register at the INCOSE website. This permits them to schedule an exam date online, to be proctored remotely. The exam fee is directly paid to the exam proctoring company. After completing the exam the computer terminal informs if you passed. The exam lasts for 120 minutes and may be extended by 30 minutes for applicants with English as a Second Language. There is no obligation to take a training course. ESEP credentials requires 25 years of systems engineering experience, or if already CSEP 20 years. The experience needs to be described and proved with references. Candidates talk about their technical leadership experience in a phone interview with trained ESEP reviewers. The required experience needs to be from the same function areas as for SE-ZERT®. Once SE-ZERT® level C or B is passed, the related SEP certificate can be obtained against an administration fee with no further examinations. It is important to emphasize that INCOSE requires membership for SEP. For the registration, allowance to release personal data is required since the two organizations GfSE and INCOSE are independent legal bodies. When interested in SEP we suggest to directly contact INCOSE to get the latest information.