Trainer Qualification

This page provides an overview and information for training providers and universities on how to become licensed trainer.


The general requirements on training providers and trainers are described here complementary to the curriculum. The curriculum states the requirements to each level D to A as training goals in separate documents. For the approbation, training providers get a compliance sheet to fill-in with detailed requirements for each training module and with references to above mentioned documents. In addition, a training provider needs to submit the training documentation, exercises and documented training concept.

Curriculum and compliance sheet define the base to establish the training program. Training goals are specific for each level and are defined in these documents for each module. The required skills of trainers (PM, SE, CSEP, CSE Level B or Level A, or minimum of 5 years of professional experience) are allocated to each module.

Note: A licensed training provider can coach the elaboration of the study work for level A. A dedicated training is not included in the SE-Zert program. The certification exam is directly conducted by GfSE assessors and the SE-TREC GmbH.

Universities with master study courses complying with respective requirements can get a license by GfSE for level D and C. Students of such courses are entitled to register at the SE-TREC GmbH for the level D or C exam with no further training.

Relevant documentation for trainer

Figure 1: Relevant documents for trainer (*XXX = under development; only German Version available)


Requirements on trainers

Hereafter are the requirements on trainers per module for level C and B defined.

Module Skills of Trainer for Level C and B Requirements for master study courses
1 5 years professional experience CSE
Level A
Prove of capability of professors/teachers
(e.g., appointment documents, practical
experience in industries etc.)
2 5 years professional experience
3 PM-ZERT or similar
4 CSEP/CSE level B
5 CSEP/CSE level B
6 CSEP/CSE level B
7 5 years professional experience
8 5 years professional experience
9 5 years professional experience in the
field of social competencies

Table 1: Requirements on trainers per module

Approbation prerequisites for trainer

Owner of a valid level A certificate are permitted to teach each module. But they are advised to collaborate with a partner for module 9. With no owner of a level A certificate, the following conditions apply:

  • At least one trainer shall own a valid INCOSE CSEP or a SE-ZERT CSE level B certificate.
  • All other trainer shall provide evidence of at least five years of professional experience in the field of systems engineering.
  • Trainers for the area social competencies shall provide evidence of appropriate education in this field.
  • At least one trainer shall provide evidence of practical experience in project management with a valid certificate PM-Zert (by GPM-IPMA) or PMP (by PMI).
  • Ideally is also a trainer involved with at least five years experience in the field of quality management.

Requirements on the training design

GfSE assessors will assess the WHAT during the approbation of training providers

  • Completeness of the training according the referenced documents
  • Coverage of the complete INCOSE handbook respective content of modules
  • The teaching will be supported by appropriate exercises according to the goals per level and module (see curriculum)
  • The training may be specific for certain industries or cross-industries according to the announcement of the training provider.
  • An appropriate training example is compulsory at least for level B.
  • The SE-ZERT assessors will approve the training and the training material respectively.
  • The main target of the level C training is to teach theoretical knowledge of systems engineering. Exercises intend to gain understanding of the subject.
  • The main target of the level B training is to teach practical knowledge of systems engineering. Exercises intend to train and practical use systems engineering methods
    • The following modules of level B trainings shall include practical exercises: module 3, module 4, module 5, module 6, module 9 (exercises may be combined for several modules).
    • Exercises are suggested on level B for module 2, 7 and 8.

In the tables with module content appear duplicates. This does not impose duplicated content but provides freedom for trainer to emphasize on certain topics. The modules and topics shall be presented as an interlinked whole, transparent for trainees.

Relation between training providers/universities and the GfSE

  • Training providers shall notify changes on training materials or trainers at least four weeks prior to the begin of the next course.
  • A yearly license fee needs to be paid.
  • The applying company shall be a corporate member of the GfSE.
  • The approbation of training providers for a GfSE license relies on a compliance sheet for each level.

Steps towards approbation

Commercial training providers:

  1. Document training program
  2. Select appropriate trainers
  3. Declare compliance with the curriculum
  4. Provide evidence of trainer capabilities
  5. Provide documentation of training content and design
    1. Training guide line
    2. Presentation slides
    3. Adapted exercises
    4. Hand-out for trainees
  6. Satisfy regulatory requirements
    1. Become corporate member of GfSE
    2. Sign license contract
    3. Pay license fee
    4. Sign trademark utilization agreement

Study courses:

  1. Declare compliance with the curriculum based on the study program.
  2. Provide evidence of professor/teacher capabilities.
  3. Provide documentation of the content and design
    1. Curriculum of the study course
    2. Presentation slides
    3. Adapted exercises
    4. Hand-out for students
  4. Satisfy regulatory requirements
    1. Become corporate member of GfSE
    2. Sign license contract
    3. Pay license fee
    4. Sign trademark utilization agreement

Services and opportunities

  • The applicant should be supported in filling-in the forms.
  • Questions related to qualification and exams should primary be addressed to the SE-TREC GmbH.
  • Exam dates will be arranged with the SE-TREC GmbH.
  • The SE-TREC GmbH offers exam dates through out the year in Germany for exams where individual persons can participate.
  • Forms and prove of evidence shall be submitted to the SE-TREC GmbH prior to the exam.
  • The application for title and seal shall be submitted to the SE-TREC GmbH prior to the exam date.
    Important: Since the certificate is individual and personalized, private contact data are required.

For company inquiries:

  • Customized training can be offered but the content of the curriculum shall obviously remain part of the training.
  • The training provider is responsible for quality and content.
  • If the SE-ZERT is embedded in a bigger training concept including further details such as SysML/MBSE that will be trained with each trainee, the respective part in the SE-ZERT may be reduced accordingly. The training provider shall check the applicability to the related SE-ZERT modules.
  • Exercises may be adapted to company specific variations.